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Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and other associated digital assets are powerful technologies with the potential to revolutionise how societies handle money, finances, and wealth. However, the cryptocurrency industry is largely dominated by men, with women being underrepresented in both professional roles and user participation.


of Web3 startups include a female founder,


of companies have a team that is exclusive female

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How can we support women in the Web3 community?

W3W Mentorship Program
Our annual mentorship programme integrates various approaches to fully develop all participants and support their success in their chosen fields. This encompasses a mix of virtual and in- person events and activities, supplemented by technology to enrich the communication and mentorship experience.
Community Event
Our members get access to exclusive Community Events, fostering connection and staying ahead of the curve. This vibrant community of learners and enthusiasts offers the inside track on exciting opportunities, including limited edition NFTs and collaborations within the Web3 space.
W3W University
W3W University offers a comprehensive 1-year program designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the ever-changing world of Web3. Through expert instruction, industry insights, and valuable networking opportunities, learners can build a solid foundation for success in this dynamic field.

Member Testimonials

Being a member of W3W has allowed me to learn about new technology topics, learn from women doing cutting edge work in web3 and be part of a learning community.
Lizzie Chen
W3W is dedicated to changing this narrative and dismantling these barriers. Our founding members actively contribute to industry dialogues, and mentor the next generation of female leaders in Web3
Esme Pau
CEO, EmergentX Digital Assets Insights
Web3 Women aims to change that equation, with the unique proposition of Asia-origin and Asia-based women who hold diverse roles at global and startup brands which are committed to the future of digital assets.
Christina Pantin
Founder, Toot Communications

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